#mydentity PERMANENT NATURAL ICE @Guy_Tang


Краска для волос

  • Вес

    0.2 lbs

  • Вес нетто

    58 гр

  • Оттенок

    10NI: Ultra Light Blonde | Natural Ice, 1NI: Black | Natural Ice, 3NI: Dark Brown | Natural Ice, 4NI: Medium Brown | Natural Ice, 5NI: Light Brown | Natural Ice, 6NI: Dark Blonde | Natural Ice, 7NI: Medium Blonde | Natural Ice, 8NI: Blonde | Natural Ice, 9NI: Light Blonde | Natural Ice

  • Вес в упаковке

    80 гр


  • 1NI: Black | Natural Ice
  • 3NI: Dark Brown | Natural Ice
  • 4NI: Medium Brown | Natural Ice
  • 5NI: Light Brown | Natural Ice
  • 6NI: Dark Blonde | Natural Ice
  • 7NI: Medium Blonde | Natural Ice
  • 8NI: Blonde | Natural Ice
  • 9NI: Light Blonde | Natural Ice
  • 10NI: Ultra Light Blonde | Natural Ice

Product Features: Permanent Natural Ice offers maximum gray coverage with a cool, natural result. The NI Series gives balanced control and is great for intermixing with other #mydentity shades when a natural result is desired.

Instructions for Use: mix one part Permanent Color Crème with one part Permanent Developer 10-40V (1:1), and apply color. Process for 30 minutes. I recommend up to 40 minutes for gray coverage.